June 8, 2022

Youth Hood Fair - Light in the Night

SWOPs public safety team, Communities Partnering 4 Peace (CP4P) puts together events for community members to be able to come out and have fun in their own neighborhoods. These events are typically called Light in the Night, however there was one recently hosted that was just a bit more than that. Where these events can typically involve a gathering with music, food and games; the recent one was sponsored by many other partnering organizations and movements. This collaboration allowed for institutions to come out, set up a table and let community members know about the work they do as well as offering opportunities to be a part of that work.

This is not to say that there still wasn’t plenty of fun to be had. Due to CP4Ps many connections, they were able to have a mechanical bull ride, a video game truck, a grill preparing BBQ, a taco stand (taquero) and classic games like cornhole. CP4P is always looking to create relationships with community members and instill a sense of safety wherever they host these events. If you are interested in participating in an event like this, check out our calendar on our website or our social media accounts where we always post about upcoming activities and events.

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