June 18, 2024

SWOP’s Second Annual Hoop, Don’t Shoot Basketball Light in the Night

The Southwest Organizing Project's (SWOP) community violence intervention team, Communities Partnering 4 Peace (CP4P), is gearing up for their second "Hoop, Don't Shoot" summer basketball events. This initiative, aimed at fostering a sense of safety and unity, builds on the success of last year's tournament, which spanned eight weeks and brought together numerous community-based organizations and community members from across the southwest side of Chicago. By promoting healthy competition and camaraderie, the tournament seeks to create safe spaces and strengthen connections among diverse neighborhoods.

Last year's tournament was a remarkable achievement, with games held at various locations throughout the southwest side. Each week, different neighborhoods hosted the event, providing an opportunity for residents to engage with one another beyond the boundaries of their immediate communities. This format not only promoted safety but also highlighted the rich diversity of each neighborhood that joined in on the fun. The collaboration with multiple community organizations was instrumental in ensuring the tournament's success, demonstrating the power of collective effort in addressing community violence.

As CP4P prepares for this summer's tournament, the emphasis remains on creating and sustaining an environment of mutual respect and cooperation. The upcoming event promises to be even more impactful, with plans to expand on varying resources for all age groups. With a goal of being able to equip participants with skills that extend beyond the basketball court, CP4P hopes to empower everyone involved to contribute positively to their communities.

The "Hoop, Don't Shoot" Light in the Night exemplifies CP4P's commitment to creating lasting change through community engagement and empowerment. By providing a positive outlet for youth and promoting interconnectedness across neighborhood borders, the initiative continues to build a safer, more unified southwest side of Chicago. Their first event will be held on June 29th, 2024, at St. Clare of Montefalco’s Gym on 55th and Talman as they invite all community members to join in the festivities.

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