May 27, 2024

Southwest Organizing Project Presents “Walk with a Doc 2024”

The Southwest Organizing Project’s (SWOP) Healthy Southwest Team launched its first Walk with a Doc (WWAD) event of 2024 on May 11th, continuing its mission to promote health education, exercise, and social connection within the community. Building on the success of their weekly WWAD sessions in 2023, SWOP has transitioned to a monthly schedule for 2024, ensuring that the spirit of these gatherings remain strong.

Last year's weekly walks were instrumental in fostering a sense of community, providing valuable health information, and encouraging regular physical activity among participants. This year's monthly sessions aim to maintain this momentum, offering focused and enriching experiences for all attendees.

The event featured a discussion on "Why Plant-based Foods Help Fight Disease," led by health expert Sadeek Colquitt. The session delved into the numerous benefits of plant-based nutrition, highlighting its role in preventing and managing chronic illnesses. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the science behind plant-based diets and received practical tips on incorporating more plant-based foods into their daily lives. This was immediately followed up by a walk with community members as they continued with questions both about the topic .

This event was made possible thanks to SWOP’s sponsors at the RSNA program and the collaboration with Kesiah from Cultivate Collective, who played a pivotal role in co-organizing the walk. This partnership exemplifies the collective effort to enhance community well-being through shared knowledge and resources.

SWOP looks forward to the upcoming WWAD sessions, confident that these monthly events will continue to inspire and educate participants. With a commitment to promoting health and wellness, SWOP remains dedicated to empowering the community through initiatives like Walk with a Doc.

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