December 5, 2022

Southwest Organizing Project – Action Council

On November 16th, 2022, SWOP held its quarterly Action Council meeting. SWOP’s Action Council brings together leaders across our member institutions to inform everyone of our work and the direction in which it is moving. There are also opportunities for lively conversations and relational meetings that build strong connections.

With over 150 leaders in attendance, SWOP organizers, Carlil Pittman and Alfredo Palafox led leaders through a powerful agenda that focused on SWOP’s youth organizing work and Public Safety Initiatives. Leaders were reminded of SWOP’s amazing work to develop powerful young people that were introduced to SWOP as early as middle school and continue to be involved as adults. Together SWOP proposed steps that will ensure that SWOP continues to create spaces and opportunities that have this long-lasting impact on youth and the community.

Leaders also learned more about Public Safety campaigns on Police accountability and reducing violence. Through breakout groups leaders shared ideas of how they can help get out the vote for the upcoming district council elections in February. Elected District Council members will play a pivotal role in addressing issues of safety and policing in the local community. Overall, the night was full of fruitful interactions between leaders with a growing desire to work and make our communities safer and full of powerful young people.

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