January 30, 2023

Safety Team Red Cross Training

The Southwest Organizing Project’s anti-violence team CP4P (Communities Partnering 4 Peace) is known for their boots on the ground outreach approach to building relationships with influential leaders on the streets. They are also known to assist 2nd chance citizens with being reacclimated into society, providing resources to those in need and hosting community safe spaces called Light in the Night.

With all the work that takes place in SWOP’s community, they believe that having the necessary skills to assist their community members in many different situations is essential. To that end, American Red Cross hosted a First Aid & CPR training at the SWOP office. During this training, CP4P and SWOP staff learned how to perform emergency first aid, how to apply a tourniquet, how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator), how to give CPR to individuals of all ages and how to assist in situations where a person is choking, seizing or non-responsive.

SWOPs hope is that everyone is safe and healthy, but it is better to know that if the situation arises, SWOP staff is trained to assist anyone in trouble.

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