March 1, 2024

Reclaiming Chicago Campaign – United Power Celebration

On February 25th, the atmosphere at Harmony Community Church was charged with excitement as United Power for Action and Justice, a community organization composed of 40 religious congregations, not-for-profit groups, hospitals, health centers and civic organizations from across Cook County, hosted a celebration action. The venue was filled with a diverse crowd, all eager to witness the progress made through the Reclaiming Chicago Campaign.

At the forefront of the event were the co-chairs, Pastor James Brooks and Pastor Jonathan Brooks, both charismatic leaders with a shared vision of rebuilding, reclaiming, and repopulating the city of Chicago for and with everyday working families. The Reclaiming Campaign aimed to build and rehab 1000 new homes on the south and 1000 new homes on the west sides, transforming neglected parts of the city into vibrant communities.

As the celebration unfolded, Pastor James Brooks took the stage, his voice resonating with passion. He spoke of the journey United Power had embarked upon, emphasizing the collective effort required to make a lasting impact. Pastor Jonathan Brooks echoed his sentiments, highlighting the progress made in fulfilling the campaign’s goals and the transformative effect it had on the lives of residents. One of the most heartwarming moments of the afternoon was when homeowners who had benefited from the Reclaiming Campaign came forward and were acknowledged. Their stories painted a vivid picture of resilience and determination, showcasing the tangible impact of the campaign on individual lives.

In a show of gratitude, legislators who had pledged support for the Reclaiming Campaign were recognized and thanked for their participation. The applause from the crowd echoed through the venue, underlining the importance of collaboration between the community and its representatives. Funders and stakeholders, whose support had been crucial to the campaign's success, were also acknowledged for their commitment to the cause.

As the celebration drew to a close, Pastor James Brooks addressed the audience, expressing gratitude for their unwavering support. He announced that the momentum would not end there, urging everyone there to join in the next action on March 17th, 3 pm at 118th and Indiana in Roseland. The crowd erupted in cheers, energized and eager to continue the journey towards a revitalized and thriving Chicago. The celebration served not only as a moment of reflection on achievements but also as a rallying cry for the challenges that lay ahead. United Power, with its dedicated leaders and community support, was poised to carry the torch forward, ensuring that the Reclaiming Chicago Campaign's impact would continue to be felt in the days, months, and years to come.

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