Digital Literacy
April 22, 2024

Monarcas Academy & Sandoval Elementary Tackle the Digital Divide

Two of the Southwest Organizing Project’s (SWOP) member institutions, Monarcas Academy and Socorro Sandoval Elementary partnered with SWOP to bring digital learning classes to Parents and Parent Mentors from both schools. SWOP provided a six-week course focused on Google Services where parents made their own presentations sharing their stories and motivations to the other parents in the class. Parents also learned how to navigate the different aspects of Google Suite - from creating invitations for virtual meetings to making presentations in Google Slides. Sandoval Elementary hosted the first half of these sessions with Monarcas Academy welcoming the second . With 22 dedicated parents in attendance, their perseverance was rewarded with certificates of achievement for their learned skills. The Parent Mentor coordinators from both schools showed an amazing amount of commitment in organizing this opportunity and building lasting relationships through engaging acts of community building.

These sorts of partnerships contribute to SWOP’s commitment to closing the digital divide and spreading digital equity throughout the community.

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