Digital Literacy
February 13, 2024

Digital Equity Work Continues – Bogan Parent University

Since 2022, the Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP) has been fostering digital literacy in the community by providing comprehensive tech classes through the Parent University at Bogan High School. Recognizing the increasing importance of digital skills in todays interconnected world, SWOP is actively addressing the needs of the community by offering these classes in Spanish. The initiative has empowered participants to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, enhancing their abilities to access online resources, communicate effectively, and participate in digital modern life.

As of February 5th, SWOP has expanded its reach even further by introducing digital literacy classes in both English and Spanish, marking a significant milestone in the commitment to inclusivity. This bilingual approach ensures that a broader segment of the community can benefit from the program, breaking language barriers and making valuable digital knowledge accessible to a more diverse audience.

When asked about the change, Digital Equity Organizer, Briana Washington, had this to say. “I’m excited our schedules and commitments were able to align and make it possible for both English and Spanish speaking parents to be involved in SWOP’s digital literacy classes. I knew that these parents had previously had an instructor guiding them through their digital literacy journey, so I want to give as much energy as I can into making sure I live up to the expectation that’s there.” Briana continued to share that she was happy to see so many African American/Black community members participating and taking agency over their pursuit of knowledge in the digital medium. “I’m looking forward to continuing to work with them and helping them grow.”

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