May 9, 2023

Asian American Action Day w/ ICIRR

Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP) has taken many trips down to Springfield to educate for legislative agendas and reach out to the representatives that are able to assist in getting those agendas through the House and the Senate. On May 9th, 2023, SWOP headed down to Springfield in support of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) for Asian American Action Day to “hunt” down representatives and get their support behind the “Language Equity and Access – HB 3222” bill. This bill would mandate that translators be provided in state agencies to allow those who do not speak English to be given resources and opportunities in their native language.

Although the Language Equity and Access bill was the star of the show this time around, 300 community leaders were also in attendance to push for Inclusive History Implementation and increasing the funding for the Immigrant Services Line Item (ISLI) to $38 million. The day began in the early hours of the morning when community leaders piled into coach buses to go from Chicago to Springfield. Upon arriving, each community member met with their team leads and were pointed to their assigned representatives to find and push for their “Yes”. Through communication and sharing of their stories and experiences, these leaders were to convey the importance and impact that these bills would have for them, their loved ones and their community. Other endorsed legislation included Faith Behind Bars, Faith by Plate, Fix Driver’s License laws to protect immigrants, Protect Illinoisans from Unfair Medical Debt, and Health Care Cultural Competency bills.

The fight for equity across the community continues daily as SWOP hosts informational sessions for community leaders. Legislative issues SWOP is working on can be found below.

Endorsed Legislation

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